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The use of IoT to connect different products to the palm of your hand, through your smartphone, present unlimited advantages. For example, our control for Biomedical TVAC WIFI model refrigerators helps you control energy costs and maintain temperature control in real time.


Another example of this technology is our control for RCAL model heaters with WIFI, through which you can control the moments for ignition as well as temperature for your heater.


RCAL by Eltec


This technology uses IoT (Internet of Things) to connect you to your water heater, which is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection to allow ignition, temperature selection, and use the "Smart Power Off" function.

Using the potential of this system you can achieve the best combination of comfort and gas savings.

combination of comfort and gas savings.



by Eltec


With this application you can access the parameters of the refrigerator with Eltec technology, such as configuring an access point to which the refrigerator will connect to have internet access, set the email addresses where you want to receive temperature records and more .

You can also view the temperature records sent by the refrigerator with Eltec technology, directly on your Smartphone and receive notifications for alarms in real time.

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