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LED light


The Eltec lighting system based on LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) has many applications in the appliance and commercial markets; we have different families specifically designed for each use, for example, coolers and refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, closets and many more.


The lights are made with high efficiency LEDs which are interconnected in a parallel fashion and fully encapsulated for exceptional reliability in all conditions of use.


Both the lamp and the power source are very compact, the light is less than 18x12mm in cross section, making it deal for installation and adaptation to any application.


Functions over a wide temperature and humidity range.


No maintenance required. 


Energy consumption

Electric is very low.


Encapsulated system.


Life expectancy up to 100,000 hours, more than 10 times that of a fluorescent lamp.


Parallel connection of LEDs that provides high reliability in the unlikely premature failure of single LED (this way, only a tiny section will turn off as opposed to the whole lamp).


Compared to a fluorescent solution, our systems are two to three times more efficient, resulting in lower operating costs and eco-friendly refrigarator.


The savings of a few months on power consumption will pay for the system.

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