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Electronic Spark Ignition System


Eltec´s Electronic Spark Ignition System (CSA Certified) is a mean of instant lighting for all household appliances that use gas as fuel. The system consists of the EI and EBI series of electronic spark generating modules, and the B series of electrodes/spark plugs.


The El Series module operates with 120V or 220V AC that generates a train of sparks at the electrodes/spark plugs, so when there's gas present, the energy released by the spark will ignite it over a large range or conditions of use.


The EBI series modules use an alkaline battery (AA, AAA or 9V). These modules are the ideal solution for remote household appliances that use gas as fuel such as grills, heaters, portable ranges, fireplaces and others.


Both the EI and EBI series can be ordered with two types of outlets: a continuous outlet that produces sparks while the switch is on, or reignition outlets that sense the flame and produce sparks in its absence. The customer can order any combination with a maximum of eight total outlets.


Up to 30% in gas consumption

due to the elimination of the gas pilot


Low cost, long life

and maintenance free.


Low electrical power consumption (less than one watt during operation)


Wide operating range

temperature and humidity.


Easy to install and adapt

to any gas equipment.

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