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It's not a job,

it is a lifestyle.

Innovación Eltec
Image by JJ Ying



To be able to make a link between your ideas and our technological development.



Develop reliable and environmentally friendly technology that transforms our environment in a positive and useful way.



Offer a quality service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.



Promote the full development of all members of our team.

Image by JJ Ying



The highest technology allows the development of our innovations in applied electronics.


We have a center for research, design and development of new technologies and a production plant north of Mexico City.

  • CSD-CAM-CAE devices

  • Plastic injection machines

  • Specialized software

  • CNC machines

  • Electroneumatic controllers




Eltec employs more than 250 people and is ISO-9000 certified. We also have CSA certification and several patents.




In Eltec’s technology you will find products that go from electronic controllers for domestic appliances and an ignition system for gas fired equipment, to adaptative temperature controllers, LED lighting and sophisticated communications and monitoring systems for trains and so on.


Innovation and development


One of the main characteristics of Eltec is the active search for new developments. Being at the forefront of new ideas helps us achieve our ultimate goal: permanent customer satisfaction.


Each new product goes through an exhaustive series of tests and procedures to improve its reliability and performance since one of our main interests, along with the security of the system, is that our products require the least possible maintenance.


We specialize in custom designing our controls, devices, and systems so that our customers' needs are always met. To do this, we have an experienced team of engineers completely dedicated to the comprehensive design of solutions that will participate in every step of the process: from the basic analysis of your hardware and software needs, to manufacturing and the final result of the product.

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