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Innovations Examples


Eltec has developed a great diversity of innovations. Some of them have become complete families and others have been kept as unique products that meet specific needs.


The Electronic Voice Module is Eltec brand, a high-tech device that is capable of offering different voice messages with minimal distortion. Because all these messages are digitally recorded, creating the possibility of a much wider range of applications, such as promotional announcements, access and welcome messages, as well as warning notices. Its sound quality and compact size makes it the ideal team to promote products in commercial department stores.


Another requirement that was carefully designed to meet an identified need in the market is the CoolGraph Microprocessed Temperature Recorder; It continuously monitors and records the environmental temperature, which is essential in the storage, transit and / or distribution of sensitive and perishable developments.


The Eltec's Lock, an access unit that uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor to provide a completely programmable and economic system. The Eltec sheet offers security through fully personalized keys, avoiding the need to carry keys or access cards and has the ability to restrict the opening time to ensure better control.


These developments are just some of the many unique designs that Eltec has developed to offer specific solutions. Remember that if you have a particular need, you can contact Eltec and explore the possibility of our team developing an innovation especially for you .

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