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Clocks, Timers and Time Controls


The Eltec line of electronic clocks, timers and time controls (CSA certified) has several families and shapes. Some of the characteristics of these families are: controls with or without housing, with LED display or LCD or even without display, with proximity or mechanical keys, etc. There are different types of operations such as countdown timer, alarm, gas control, relay output and others. You can choose from many designs in stock or ask for a specific set of functions and sizes and we will develop it specially to meet your specific needs.


The Eltec line of electronic clocks, timers and time controls is easy to adapt to your current equipment. It can be installed in home appliances, industrial equipment, food industry equipment, transportation equipment and others.


Time of day display in 12 or 24 hours format with alarm or programmable countdown timer.


120/220 Vac operating voltages range 50/60HZ or universal switch node power supplies.


High resistance to vibration, temperature and humidity conditions.


105ºC (220ºF) operating temperature.


Low cost and very light.


Easy to install.

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